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MissyQuai has a decade of knowledge and experience in the beauty and wellness industry. MissyQuai continues to empower and encourage women to embrace their femininity.

Since 2013, we have formed exclusive partnerships with the world's leading factories globally to curate only the very best products.

Serving Women Who Are Losing Their Hair
In addition to our reputation as a provider of high-quality Raw and Virgin hair, MissyQuai stands out in the market as a brand that caters to the needs of women who are losing their hair.

Every strand of MissyQuai's hair comes from a place of understanding. We empathize with the needs and emotions of women experiencing hair loss due to health problems or other challenges. We provide luxurious hair and superb aftercare. At MissyQuai Signature Hair, we go the extra mile to help women with hair loss remain confident. First, we provide them with high-quality, raw, unprocessed hair extensions. Second, we teach women how to nurture their natural hair back to health while wearing a protective style. MissyQuai’s hair care service allows us to provide comprehensive services to our clients and their hair. Our clients come to us for shampoo, treatment, and styling, and you can also request a home visit through our partner stylists.

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