Six Tips To Help You Care For Your Natural Hair While Wearing a Weave

Six Tips To Help You Care For Your Natural Hair While Wearing a Weave

While wearing weaves and wigs can be easy to forget about caring for your hair. You do not have the daily task of combing out your hair. However, you must nurture your tresses while wearing a protective style. At MissyQuai Signature Hair, we do not just focus on providing you with luxurious, raw, and virgin Remy hair, we also provide you with aftercare. 

Here are some tips from our hairstylists that will help you care for your natural hair while rocking hair extensions or a custom wig.

1 - Treat Your Hair Before the Wig/Weave Installation

Before installing a weave or wig, you must prepare your hair and scalp to ensure your natural hair remains healthy. Have you noticed that when you remove your wig, your natural hair is often very brittle? A deep mask or hot oil treatment will fortify your natural hair against breakage and provide moisture while it’s covered.

2Wash and Condition Your Hair While You Wear the Weave
Wearing a wig or weave gives your natural hair a break, but you still need to wash it. Why? Oils, gels, hair sprays, and sebum (naturally produced by our bodies) can build up on the scalp and hair roots. Combat this by cleansing your natural hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner every other week. This regular maintenance helps remove build-up and ensures your scalp is clean and healthy. This also promotes hair growth. If you have a dry or flaky scalp, we recommend that you try shampooing your hair weekly and use an aloe vera treatment for the first four weeks of wearing your weave. 

3 - Continue to Moisturize Hair and Scalp Beneath Your Weave
Though wearing a weave, you still need to moisturize your natural hair to prevent brittleness, which leads to hair breakage. Using oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil, castor oil, argan oil, or peppermint oil, massage a small portion of your hair beneath the weave daily to moisturize your hair and keep your scalp healthy. Add a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture, preferably aloe vera. Spray your natural hair with water after oiling your roots. Do this before putting on a wig cap.

4 - Avoid Installing Your Weave Too Tightly
There is a famous saying that prevention is better than cure. A stylist installs your weave so tightly that it becomes uncomfortable for you. You’ll experience a lot of tension in the hair follicles, which can lead to hair loss. Avoid installing your weave too tightly. Your natural hair will thank you later. 

5 - Use Natural ingredients to Beat the Itch
Itching is expected when wearing a weave or wig to avoid massaging your scalp with essential oils to help manage itch before you install wigs or hair extensions.

6- Minimize the Heat Applied to Your Edges 
Flat ironing or blowing your natural edges can cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and damaged from overexposure to heat. You can protect your hair by using a moisturizing heat-protection serum. Use the lowest heat setting on your flat iron to minimize hair loss due to heat exposure.

MissyQuai loves providing our queens with luxurious raw and virgin Remy hair. We want you to look smashing! To look better longer, make sure to protect your hair with these maintenance tips while you are rocking a MissyQuai protective style.