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MissyQuai Signature Hair is a family-owned hair extension brand offering products worldwide. We pride ourselves in our family's legacy to provide authenticity. Our mission is to ensure that you have access to a variety of unique virgin hair, at an affordable price.


The origin of hair extensions dates back to the Egyptians in 3400 BC. They wore wigs, sewn-on hair pieces and braids that were made of human hair and dyed sheep’s wool. Wigs were an indicator of age, religion, wealth, depending on the type of knots and twists.

These traditions were brought to America when an African-American woman invented the hair weaving process. The ability to change our hair at the drop of a dime is one of the greatest inventions for women. Going from a short curly do to a long wavy sexy do all in one day is every woman’s dream. Throughout North America and Europe, MissyQuai Signature Hair continues these traditions.

MissyQuai is dedicated to making every client feel beautiful, fabulous, and glamorous. MissiQuai Signature Hair leadership team prides itself in sourcing and packaging 100% unprocessed virgin hair to meet the high standards of women who desire to have luxury virgin hair extensions that they can wear and style with confidence. Our family’s story is deeply rooted in African, American, and West Indian history.

We provide top quality 100% virgin hair and none of our hair extensions have been chemically processed. Our supreme customer service is devoted to meeting each client’s expectations and providing you with the highest level of service.


Our aim is to amaze our clients. We pride ourselves on offering 100% unprocessed silky virgin hair extensions that behave like it is your own hair. Our cuticle aligned layers facing the same direction is thick from root to end and retains superior quality. With natural wave patterns and stunning luster and natural movement, the MissyQuai Signature Hair collection offers a full range of remarkable hair extensions.

Achieve a flawless weave hairstyle with our chemical-free hair that can be used to enhance the length, color and texture of your natural hair. You can style and maintain our hair extensions just as you would your own hair --- wash it, blow dry it, curl it, flat-iron it, or color it! It will retain its original beauty because it’s top-of-the-line, first-class quality virgin hair.

Our color, Yellow, represents the beautiful sunlight and eternal optimism. So does the leadership team at MissyQuai. We ensure consistent delivery of quality products, backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Affordable Luxury
Throughout Africa, purple is a prominent color of royalty. To the Ashanti culture, it is the color of healing; to the Egyptians, it symbolizes virtue and faith. In our family, purple is the color of prosperity. MissyQuai offers you the opportunity to flourish with luxurious, 100% unprocessed virgin human hair at an affordable price.

Customer Satisfaction
We treat each customer with absolute priority - our goal is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We ensure that customers get their orders when they need it, with fast, trackable shipping service.

We value all of our customers, and invest in their communities.


Browse through our site and make a purchase today! We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase. You deserve the best, so buy the best quality hair extensions from MissyQuai Signature Hair Collection.